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Psicóloga Karina L. Deodato

Psicóloga em Mogi das Cruzes
Rua Dom Antônio Cândido de Alvarenga, 22 - Centro, Mogi das Cruzes - SP
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3 years ago
(Translated by Google) Since I met Karina, in the first session I identified with her. It feels like we've known each other for years. I have the freedom to speak my mind without the weight of judgment. She caught me at a very difficult time but day by day I see my improvement. She made me see myself again and in the process, it has been a wonderful experience to love myself more. I'm just grateful for the person, the professional and for holding my hand and believing in me when I had already forgotten to do so. As long as I can, she will be with me! Therapy is not just for those who have problems. Going to therapy is being able to count on someone to sometimes just listen to you or often show you the way, always leaving your free will at stake. It's the best-paid investment of my life for myself. (Original) Desde que conheci a Karina, logo na primeira sessão já me identifiquei. Parece que nos conhecemos há anos. Tenho liberdade de falar o que penso sem o peso do julgamento. Ela me...
- Samantha P
3 years ago
(Translated by Google) Dedicated, attentive, passionate about what she does. Karina is always willing to listen to me, or when I don't know what to say she jumps in and knows exactly what to do. We have been in therapy since October 2019 and I wouldn't trade it for anyone. I arrived at the office without knowing who I was, pushing myself too hard, and with anxiety at a mile a minute, and with it I discovered that for years I had been practicing "devaluation" on myself. She has helped me to reframe, to value myself and to demand less from myself. With this, I am understanding "time", I am learning to respect my time. Furthermore, this is the most complicated part of dealing with being anxious. Today I feel better, I don't think about stopping therapy, I feel safer knowing that I have help from a professional. I just want to keep improving and take life more lightly. Thank you Psychologist Karina. (Original) Dedicada, atenciosa, apaixonada pelo que faz. Karina sempre está disposta a ...
- Renata C
3 years ago
(Translated by Google) Excellent professional. A friendly, dedicated and attentive person. We've only known each other for a short time, but the improvement it has made in my life is already significant. I won't be without it! ❤️ (Original) Excelente profissional. Uma pessoa simpática, dedicada e atenciosa. Nos conhecemos há pouco tempo, mas a melhora que tem causado em minha vida já é significativa. Não fico semmm! ❤️
- Ana M

Sobre mim

Psicóloga Karina L. Deodato 
CRP: 06/154414
Sou Bacharel em Psicologia pela Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes (UMC). Pós Graduanda em Terapia Cognitivo Comportamental de Alta Performance, Psicóloga Técnica e fundadora do Núcleo de Saúde Mental Senso Vita.
Realizo atendimento clínico psicoterapêutico de adolescentes, adultos e casais, atuando através da Terapia Cognitivo Comportamental.

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Rua Dom Antônio Cândido de Alvarenga, 22 - Centro
Mogi das Cruzes - SP
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